The Story Of Packsia

Caitlin Timmins
April 11, 2023
minute read
Let's take a trip down memory lane, shall we?

In January 2023, Packsia celebrated our one-year anniversary! Yay! Since then, our community has grown into an online family of Creators and members alike, and for that I am so incredibly grateful. Since I’m feeling nostalgic about the journey up until now, I thought I’d take a trip down memory lane for today’s blog and shine a light on how Packsia came to be. Ready for story time? 

I was working as a brand videographer in Los Angeles between 2017-2020. My clients ranged from influencers, fashion brands, beauty brands, entrepreneurs, coaches and photographers. I was busy - and if I’m being honest, I was rapidly becoming burnt out.

Remember, this was around the time when vertical video was *just* starting to creep into mainstream culture & advertising. Instagram stories had only been available for a couple years, reels didn’t exist yet, and TikTok hadn’t had it’s big boom.

But I began to notice the overall trend towards vertical video on socials, so I started offering a “pack of 15 second vertical videos” on my videography services menu.

It quickly became my best selling offer. 

This is when I realized that businesses & brands just wanted a collection of vertical videos for social media more than anything else.

*light bulb moment* 💡 And the idea for the “packs” was born.

So in 2020, when the pandemic hit and I lost all my clients & all my shoots were cancelled - I decided to launch an online store with these downloadable “packs of videos”, because what did I have to lose? 

I called them “Motion Packs” and launched with only 4 packs on my own website (these 4 packs are still on the library today: Dancing Fabrics, Natural Elements, Portrait Studio & Summer Dreams).

Within two weeks, and countless emails from entrepreneurs and brands requesting more, I knew I was onto something. I wanted to build my own stock video library.

But - not your average stock video library.

In my work as a videographer, I would often find myself scrolling through other libraries trying to find the perfect clip to elevate my edit - and let me tell you, it was a frustrating experience.

Not only were these big stock libraries clearly targeted towards the (male-dominated) industry of filmmakers and production studios (as opposed to women-led brands, who most of my clientele was) - it was so hard to find beautiful video content that I would feel comfortable putting a brand’s name on. 

Honestly, so much of it looked very corporate, stale and horizontal (😏) - and the prices were not small-business-friendly (you’ll pay anywhere from $80-$300+ per clip from other libraries). Not to mention the diversity of the models represented was alarmingly lacking…

I wanted to create a stock library that was better.

A stock library that’s built for small-businesses, brands, content creators and social media managers - not production studios.

A stock library that’s curated - visually beautiful and zero ugly content that you have to scroll endlessly through (seriously, we have a “no-ugly-content rule” 😂). 

A stock library that was entirely vertical, 15 seconds, and organized in themed packs - so you can easily create an entire campaign or custom video edit with a pack that represents your brand beautifully.

I’m so proud and incredibly happy to report that I think we’ve done it - and the best part is we’re still growing everyday. 

I hope Packsia can be a place where you can come for inspiration, ideas, and beautiful content for your next post. Not to mention our global network of creators (myself included) who are dedicated to making new packs for you every week.

Welcome to our super awesome & beautiful little corner of the internet, I’m so excited you’re finally here. ✨