The Best Ways to Use Motion Packs

Ines Mitchell
February 8, 2022
minute read
If you work in the content industry, you’re probably already struggling to find enough time in your day as it is - which is where Packsia steps in.

By now it’s probably clear to most how social media is changing.

What was once a landscape dominated by still imagery is now shifting to vertical video—as evident by the groundbreaking success of video-first channels like TikTok. All of this is no surprise since video content is far more dynamic and engaging than photos, and industry giants like Facebook have recently been vocal about prioritizing this content in their channel algorithms.

However, let’s get clear on one thing: not all video is created equal. Users of social media have high expectations of quality when it comes to the video they want to see from brands and content creators. The biggest challenge of creating these high quality video assets is that it requires significantly more time, effort, skill, and money to produce.

If you work in the content industry, you’re probably already struggling to find enough time in your day as it is, which is where Packsia steps in. We give you royalty-free access to a curated collection of vertical video and sound packs made by talented content creators across the globe so that you can spend more time on, well, everything else on your plate.

Ready for some inspiration? Here are some ways that you can use our Motion Packs:


Are you tired of hearing about Instagram’s pivot to video? Then you may want to look away. But really, Instagram isn’t lying when they say that video content is taking precedence in their algorithm.

Video content can take from 2x to 4x as much space on the Instagram Explore page than other content, which significantly increases visibility by grabbing more attention so that you can draw in a larger audience, all while elevating your feed.

Use our vertical video to add dynamic flair to your text-based posts like educator, who used our Feminine Interiors Pack to get a conversation started with her community.

Photographer Claire Marchand has seamlessly augmented her own stunning photography portfolio with the Champagne Party Pack, where she captured the attention of her audience and communicated through caption copy.

Social Media Managers like those at have used our Tropical Leaves Pack in Instagram Reels as a moving background to highlight their photography work. The uses are truly endless.


Stories are important because they’re an effective way to engage with your existing audience. Our packs make a stand-out background for Instagram’s growing selection of in-app tools such as Questions, Music, Poll, Quiz, or Add Yours features. Pro tip: the more your audience engages with your story content, the closer you’ll get to the beginning of a user’s stories feed which results in higher reach. Even more simply, utilize any of the vertical video in our packs as a background to your text-based stories.

In the same way you’d use vertical video for Instagram stories, you can use for YouTube shorts, the platform’s own take on stories.


Much like Instagram video content, our Motion and Sound Packs can be used to quickly capture attention and set yourself apart from competitors in your ads on TikTok.  Additionally, unobtrusive video with text overlay and the use of a viral sound continues to be a potent formula for encouraging content vitality.


Pinterest is yet another platform that was originally photo-based but has quickly shifted toward video. Pinterest is a powerful tool for generating brand awareness since almost all Pinterest searches are non-branded. Similar to other platforms, Video Pins capture an audience’s attention quickly and effectively. These two elements combined create a strong opportunity to exponentially increase your reach. Pinterest video also allows sound, which makes our Sound Packs a great way to further enhance a user’s viewing experience.  

Pinterest has also recently introduced a vertical video-first feature called Idea Pins, similar to Instagram Stories but never expire, this content has a shorter half-life than other pins and grab attention right away. Whether you’re showcasing tips relevant to your industry, how-tos, or recipes, vertical video makes your Idea Pins attention-grabbing and allows for more creative storytelling.

Another way to utilize our Motion Packs on Pinterest is on your account’s page cover. Utilizing video elevates your page and helps to convey the overall vibe of your brand and Pinterest page.


Spotify Canvas allows its artists to upload a 3-8 second animation or video for their albums or songs. Stats show that users who see that an artist utilizes Canvas are more likely to continue streaming their music and add it to their own playlists. Since all of the videos within our packs are seconds long and loop well, they make for stunning Canvas video.


Platforms like Twitch and YouTube allow you to create a video that plays before and after you’ve streamed. This on-brand video is often used as a background to introduce the livestream topic, branding information, and handles to promote other social media platforms. Utilize our Motion and Sound packs in your live-stream intro with our Partner membership.


In this new digital age, many businesses are using screens in their spaces to communicate offerings to their captive audiences. Many restaurants are replacing traditional paper or plastic menus with screens to communicate specials and promotions easily, and bring a more curated branded experience to the space. Hotels are also using screens for the same reasons, but also  to bring digital advertising to the space and create a more organized and visual experience for conferences and event hosts. Since video content is made to capture attention, our Motion Packs fit effortlessly into these spaces under our extended license.

Ready to get started in the world of vertical video? Head to our pricing page to discover which plan is best for your needs.