Our Favorite Female Content Creators

March 17, 2022
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Women are creating important work both online and offline that deserves to be recognized and celebrated. We’re thrilled to showcase some of those creators today!

Since March is Women’s History Month,

we want to shine a spotlight on some of the female creators on our radar who are dominating the world of content creation. This is our moment to give these creators the accolades they rightfully deserve, and highlight the ways that they’re—as Michelle Obama would say—constantly raising the bar for us all. Before diving in, we’d be remiss not to address some of the sexism that women in this industry still experience on a daily basis.

The difference between the term influencer and content creator is hotly debated, but the consensus is that an influencer is an “internet celebrity,” or someone with a large audience who works with brands and posts advertisements to their channels, while content creators produce unique content for their audience and brands they work with. Frankly, even these definitions can—and should—be challenged and debated. The fact is, women are far more likely to be labeled as influencers while men are more likely to be called content creators. And if you think it’s a coincidence that men in content get the claim of the more sophisticated label, it’s not.

While there is certainly more representation in creative industries than there may have been 20 years ago, data shows that the way men and women within creative spheres are described very differently. Through AI combing, powerful words like “founded,” “led,” or “performed” came up more often in conjunction with male pronouns, while words like “sing” or “dance” were more likely to be paired with female pronouns.

To put it plainly, simply existing as a woman online—where casual sexism is still very much the norm—is commendable, but women are also creating important work both online and offline that deserves to be recognized and celebrated. We’re thrilled to showcase some of those creators today. So, without further adieu, here are our picks for the Top 10 female creators on our radar and in our community, in no particular order:


In case the name sounds familiar to you, it might be because Tezza was on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list in 2021, or maybe it’s because her photo editing app is on heavy rotation on your phone. This creative entrepreneur is the founder of the Tezza App, which is designed by creators with creators in mind with plenty of templates and filters to make your content pop. Even better, our vertical video Motion Packs look stunning with the available templates on Tezza.


This truly multifaceted creator is a singer-songwriter and film director whose content is consistently blowing us away. Onyi’s perfectly captured romantic vintage aesthetic is woven throughout her work, resulting in Wes Anderson adjacent storytelling that you’ll find yourself saving to your inspiration folder over and over.


If we could describe Ale’s work in a single word, it would be dreamy. She recently joined Packsia as one of our very own creators and is the mastermind behind the Ethereal Blooms Pack. What makes her work so unique is how she is able to express the beauty of still life photography through vertical video content.


Nobody understands the power of color like Tekla Evelina Severin. If you’re a regular user of Pinterest, you’ve probably saved her photos to your boards. This interior designer and self-identified “colourist” will have even the most staunch lover of neutral minimalism questioning their white walls.


Tara’s feed is solid proof that it really is all in the details. A single scroll through her Instagram takes you on a coordinated color story through pinks, blues, and yellows—even her collaborations are posted with her feed colors in mind. Tara’s content shows just how much time, energy, scrupulous planning, and intention it takes to achieve a beautiful feed—her 1.3M followers would agree.


Andrea is a Latinx digital marketing and branding expert and the founder and CEO of viral marketing agency, We Shape This. Her content helps brands and individuals stay ahead of the curve when it comes to the latest video and marketing trends.


Kelsey is the founder of Coming Up Roses Co., a branding, web design, and content studio who has worked with clients such as Girlboss, Katy Perry, and Coachella. This design-minded creative has been known to incorporate our Motion Packs into her brand work.


Alyssa is the founder of @atnnstudio, a branding design studio for women of color. Her work has been featured in Vogue and offers a fun, Gen-Z leaning vibe that embraces the bold and colorful. She often sparks important conversations about her experiences of being a WOC in the design and branding space that we consider essential viewing.


Arielle is a poet, author, and joy embodied. Known for radiant smile, this long-time user of our Motion Packs creates content that goes deep. Her weekly affirmations are invaluable reminders—to even the most restless—to stay present and grounded.  


Emma is a freelance video editor and creative mentor whose brilliant work we can attest to as she created our launch videos and ads that you may have seen around. Her content can be described as a moving mood board and keeps you hooked from start to finish.

We hope that this list has given you some creative inspiration and fresh accounts to follow. If you have creative women in your network whose content you love, let us know!

Happy Women’s History Month!