Featured Creators: Ann Poan + Artem Podrez

October 11, 2022
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Ann Poan and Artem Podrez are two standout Creators at Packsia, not only because of the exceptional vertical video content that they create but because these two artists are a married couple, as well!

One of the most rewarding parts about being part of the Packsia family is that we get to work with creative people from around the world! From videographers to photographers, each Creator contributes to curating a stunning library of aesthetic vertical content for our members to enjoy. As artists, we find ourselves constantly awestruck by the work that is submitted on a regular basis and inspired by the stories of those sharing their work with our platform. 

Meet Ann and Artem

Ann Poan and Artem Podrez are two standout Creators at Packsia, not only because of the exceptional vertical video content that they create, but also because these two artists are a married couple! Based in Poland, these two prove that sometimes two creative perspectives are better than one, each bringing their own unique sets of skills to the collaborative process in order create something beautiful and from the heart. 

As individuals, Ann operates as Poan Studio while Artem creates under Poarts, and we are so lucky to have both of them creating minimal and simply elegant packs (on their own and together!) for Packsia. We were able to chat with the creative power couple to discuss some of their inspirations during their artistic process and what it’s like to work together as partners in life and in art. 

How did you get started in videography?

A+A: Artem has been engaged in videography for more than 5 years. It all started with video shooting for a collaborative channel with our friends on YouTube . We started working together about 2 years ago when we were invited to photo and video content creation project.

What inspires you when creating video/motion packs? 

A+A: Our inspiration is different elements of our daily life. It is important for us to find aesthetics in the world around us or in everyday routine, and represent it to other people with the help of video content.

How would you describe your aesthetic/style? 

A+A: We stick to minimalism and simplicity focusing on balance in compositions and natural beauty.

What is it like creating content together as a husband/wife duo?

A+A: This is an interesting and exciting process for both of us where everyone is responsible for a certain part of work. While working together, we get to know each other better. Each of us has found something that really likes about making videos. The most pleasant part is to see a joint result and realize that you would not have coped without your partner.

What advice would you give to future Creators with Packsia?

A+A: It seems to be important for us to follow different people and brands on social networks noticing what they use in their content. Based on it, form themes for future videos that can help brands and people improve the quality of their content.

Thank you, Ann and Artem, for taking the time to share your answers with us. You both to continue to inspire us tremendously! You can view more of their work on their Instagram accounts (Ann and Artem) or on their Creator profiles (Ann and Artem).

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