5 Mistakes You’re Making When Creating Content

May 9, 2023
minute read
Video content is king on social media when done correctly. Here are five common mistakes content creators make when creating video content for their brands and how Packsia can help solve these problems!

At this point in the game, it’s pretty clear that video content is king on social media! From IG Reels and TikToks to YouTube Shorts, there are several stats to prove that more than ever before, long and short form video in marketing has the power to expand your audience reach and enhance your brand’s presence online. That is, of course, if it’s done correctly. 

We recognize that creating engaging and high-quality video content for your brand isn’t necessarily a simple task, which is why we created Packsia in the first place! Our goal is to help even those who aren’t video-making gurus produce high-quality content to help their brands shine in motion. We recently stumbled across this article on Entrepreneur about the common mistakes creators make when making branded videos. Luckily, all these mistakes are fixable with Packsia—here’s how! 

Mistake #1: Producing Poor Video Quality

We understand that not everyone has a steady cam or a high-quality lens, but unfortunately, shaky camera work and pixelated quality is a no-go when it comes to upholding good brand standards. With Packsia, you have access to hundreds of HD video content that you can make work for your brand, whether you’re selling products or services. Perception is reality and high-quality video will almost always translate to your consumers as high-quality products or services. 

Mistake #2: Ignoring The Importance Of Sound

Much like poor video quality, lacklustre audio can really ruin the vibe of a video. At Packsia, we have tons of beautiful, royalty-free sounds for you to choose from, as well, that pair perfectly with our videos for a well-rounded experience your audience will love. 

Mistake #3: Over-Selling

Being too salesy in your video content can very quickly result in a “skip” or a swipe past. At Packsia, we don’t believe in making boring, overly-marketed content. We recommend adding one marketing message per video content, whether it’s to sign-up for a newsletter or to take advantage of a sale, and let the stunning video content do the rest of the talking. That way, your audience will stay engaged and also grasp the message you’re putting out there.

Mistake #4: Expecting too much from one video

We get it; making a video can take a lot of time, so you want it to have the most bang for it’s buck! Unfortunately, with ever-changing algorithms and the amount of traffic online, not every video performs incredibly well; and that’s okay! With Packsia, you have access to hundreds of videos that are easily customizable and ready to post within minutes. That way, you can pump them out a few times a week and let each one do it’s best rather than putting all the pressure on just one video. 

Mistake #5: Content cramming 

Much like mistake number three, no one likes a video that never ends. In fact, most viewers have an attention span of about 5-10 seconds before moving on to the next piece of content. Content creators often make the mistake of making videos that are over a minute long and have an exceptional amount of information, which is counterproductive. With Packsia, all of our videos are 15-seconds maximum, so that there’s no choice but to keep it simple, concise, and chic. 

We hope that these tips are helpful to you when creating your next round of content! With the high-quality and easy to digest videos that we provide at Packsia, we have no doubt that you’re capable of taking your content to the next level.