TikTok Stories are Coming

January 4, 2022
minute read
TikTok is testing a new story feature in certain countries, but are they here to stay?

Stories- the social media phenomenon

that first launched on Snapchat in 2013 that has now taken over the world of feeds, across all platforms. This disappearing content format has been so impactful - and TikTok is now jumping on board and piloting their own stories feature- with some slight twists of course.

Instead of TikTok stories showing up at the top of the feed, they’ll be placed on the left-hand sidebar, and users will be able to publicly comment on stories and see comments and views by other users.

At the moment, this is a feature that’s being tested in just a few countries, so we’re not sure if stories are going to make it to all TikTok feeds right away, but it’s clear that eye-catching, memorable content for vertical video has never been more important and easy to create.

Similarly, Twitter had launched their own version of stories, called Fleets, but they’ve recently removed the feature, hopefully to make it better, but Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat stories seem to be standing the test of time.

Our packs of vertical video

are a simple, easy-to-use way for you to tell eye-catching stories that will bring more followers to your feed. Whether you’re looking for natural aesthetics, like our Ocean Waters Pack or more contemporary visuals like our Champagne Party Pack, we’ve got something for every kind of eye.

What are your thoughts on TikTok testing our stories?